Any time order doesn't match our platform order creation rules, it is automatically canceled. We will provide a refund for the undelivered amount.

The most common causes of canceled orders:

  • The link is wrong, or the video/post/account has been removed or deleted

  • Stats are hidden/disabled/private - all stats should be enabled/public

  • Private content, page, account, etc.

  • Embed disabled - the video is disabled from playing on external websites (embedding disabled)

  • Copyright content

  • Restrictions that have been added to the video/image/account such as age or country

  • Mobile or desktop restricted

  • Risky content such as nudity or violence.

If none of these reasons match your video/image/account, so first that you should try to recreate the same order.

Please get in touch with us via live chat if your orders are canceled again.

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