The Drip-feed function allows you to place several same orders for one link with a specified time gap.

How to set up the “Drip-feed” function:

Go to the “Create order” tab

  1. Choose a service you want to use for your content promotion and tick the box “Drip-feed to open an extra menu.

  2. In the box “Quantity” you choose the quantity of chosen service for one run. Choose the number of runs you need (for example, 50.000 views with a 1000/run will be 50 runs). Select the time gap between each run (it can be configurated in days, in hours, or minutes)

  3. Make sure you have enough money on your balance or another payment to complete all runs.

  4. Press the “Create order button”.

    You can check the status of your Drip-feed orders in the corresponding tab on the sidebar.

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