The drip-feed function lets you divide your order into smaller parts which will start automatically during the selected period.

All available drip-feed services are marked with a “rain drop” sign.

How to setup "drip-feed" function:

  1. Go to your personal account

  2. Choose “Drip-feed” on the left panel

  3. Once you’ve read the explanation, press the “create order” button

  4. Select the network and service type for your promotion

  5. Choose the service that works with drip-feed and insert the link

  6. In the box “quantity” you choose the quantity of chosen service for ONE RUN

  7. Tick the box “drip-feed”

  8. Choose the number of runs you need (for 50.000 views with a 1000/run it will be 50)

  9. Choose the period of one run (it may be daily, in hours or minutes)

  10. Make sure you have enough money on your balance and choose the payment method

  11. Press “Create order button”.

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