You can’t disagree that it’s very comfortable when services work automatically without your efforts and time spent.

You will no longer need to create new orders manually. This feature lets you set up an automatic growth of subscribers, likes, views, and comments for each new video that will be released on your channel.

How does it work?

As soon as you add a new video to the YouTube channel, our online subscription system will automatically launch an advertising campaign for promotion, considering the settings you’ve specified.

Using our YouTube subscription service significantly increases the chances of your video making it to the YouTube recommended and trending page.

Here are the steps to your promotion subscription:

1. Go to personal account and click a Subscriptions button on the sidebar

2. Click a “YouTube” button to get into the subscription customizing page

3. Create a subscription name and paste the URL of your YouTube channel

4. Choose the quantity of the posts you plan to promote (Quantity of posts mean the number of new videos that will be promoted)

5. Select the services and quantity of each order you want to promote every new video. Orders will be created every time automatically when a new video is uploaded.

6. Select a payment method and take care of sufficient funds to pay for the order before releasing a new video.

7. Finally, create a subscription!

You did great! Now you will have more free time and automatically promoted videos!

If you still have any questions - get in touch with us via live chat!

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