In most cases, to get a refill, you should contact the support team and describe your order situation. And sometimes it takes a very long time and a lot of effort.

We understood this problem and invented the Auto-refill function!

Auto-refill - How it works?

No more waiting for an answer and long conversations with support!

Auto-refill function provides two types of guarantee:

  1. Guarantee that is limited to a percentage of the original order quantity (usually used for views services)

  2. Guarantee, which is valid for 30 days after the order completion, and no matter what drop it was, our system refills each of them (usually used for subs, likes, etc.)

Our refill system 24/7 monitors all created orders for a drop; you'll start getting a refill in 24 hours after the last drop. It provides the same speed as your order was.

For example, if your order for 1,000 views and the service you use provides a 150% refill guarantee, it means the overall amount of refill will be 1,500 views and total delivered quantity - 2,500 views.

Attention: The auto-refill function stops working as soon as the amount of refill gets its percentage limit. Refill conditions may differ, so check service descriptions carefully before use.

How to check refill statistics?

To make it more convenient for you to monitor the refills of your orders, we have brought all the necessary data for each order to your account.

Follow this link to get into your account's "Orders" tab. Here choose any service you want to check and go to its card.

Click on the "Statistics" button, and you'll see refill stats by days and their quantities.

If there're any questions left - get in touch with our support team via live chat.

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